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Know About A One Loans

A ONE LOANS is one of the premier Unsecured loan provider company in UK that can help you get a loan quickly. We understand that a financial emergency can be quite distressing for you to face, so we make sure you get the required finances when you need them the most. Our quick loan application process will make your task easier and seamless!

We take pride in being one of the top lenders in the country, offering cheapest loans in UK, including

Bad Credit Loans

At A ONE LOANS, we present before you reliable lending options to cover your urgent financial requirement, including unsecured loans for bad credit from lenders that lend without charging any fees at all!

Unemployed Loans

At A One Loans, we can help you get loans for unemployed UK at affordable rates and flexible repayment options. In fact, we can also help you get unemployed loans with bad credit history.

No Guarantor Loans

At A ONE LOANS, we can help most credit profiles, including those with bad credit rating or no credit history at all, and arrange for no credit check no guarantor loans UK, with fixed interest rate and flexible repayment options, making it easier for you to pay off the debt on time.

Christmas Loans

If you contact A ONE Loans, you will not have to face any such distressing situation for want of loan. We can offer you Xmas loans for no guarantor and bad credit people to help you pay for essential expenses during festival time and make Christmas celebrations a great one.

Unsecured loan proceedure

  • Online Form

    Simply fill up an online application form

  • Specify Your Requirements

    Specify your need regarding the type of loan, loan amount (can vary from £500 to £50,000), and repayment structure.

  • Best Lenders Search

    We will find you the best lenders and they will contact your directly with their interest rates and a whole gamut of interesting offers.

  • Funds Transferred to you

    On approval of your loan application, the funds will be directly deposited in your bank account!
    And That's It!
    Your loan application process is over!

    Yes! It's that easy!

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Whom we can help

Bad Credit Loans Car Loans Debt Consolidation Loans Holiday Loans Home Loans

No Guarantor Loans Non UK Citizen Loans Personal Loans Small Business Loans Student Loans

Tenant Loans Unemployed Loans Unsecured Loans Wedding Loans

How does it benefit you

Whether you are new to the process of taking a loan or have taken a loan before, the entire process can be emotionally draining and time consuming. On top of that, you have to conduct research over the internet or through friends and relatives regarding the reliability of online unsecured loans UK. - learn to trade
A ONE LOANS specializes in taking that load off your shoulders by cutting down the research, comparison, and study part. You simply put your need across to us and we take the responsibility of finding the best loan companies in UK for you!


I reside in Brighton and owner of a beautiful apartment. Few months earlier I was in desperate need for the money, and despite best of the efforts, my loan application was rejected. A One Loans appeared in one of the regular internet search results, and these people helped me financially by approving my loan application.
Hanah Kacxhe
Brighton, United Kingdom - 
March 01, 2015
Never had the faint dream that I would become the luxury car owner one day. The financial adviser at One Loans helped me and today I own a Porsche. I filled the online loan application and with an hour there was a call from the adviser offering me the loan information. The final loan amount.
Bogdan Ciocirlan
London, United Kingdom - 
March 10, 2015
I am thankful to A One Loans. These people have mnade me the entrepreneur. With the help of their business loan, I have started a new business venture and with Jesus’ grace, everything is going fine. These guys are puritans. Jesus is with them.
Frunza George
Surrey, United Kingdom - 
March 19, 2015
A One Loans offered me great options on Christmas Loans, and today on the Christmas, I remember and thank each one of the advisers out there. It is because of their quick application processing procedures that I am able to enjoy Christmas and feel like true Christian inside my heart. Lord will bless them with.
Jim Foresior
Ashington, United Kingdom - 
March 26, 2015
It was more than four months that I was unemployed. I had no other income resource. I remember THE DAY I was introduced to A One Loans. It changed my life. The loan advisers at A One Loans approved my application for unemployed loans in two minutes. And the best thing- there wasn’t any cross.
Mioara Simon
Staffordshire, United Kingdom - 
April 04, 2015

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